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The hydrogen grid is coming

Hydrogen is evolving into one of the pillars of the energy transition. As a climate-neutral resource and energy carrier or as storage medium for renewable energies – the potential for is great for every sector. A high-performance hydrogen grid is the key to exploiting these opportunities and ensuring security of supply. Nowega is one of the first mover companies building up the future network. We already have great expertise in the planning of hydrogen networks and connection pipelines.

Network development until 2032

Through the successive development of the network, with the highest possible use of existing infrastructure (approx. 90 % of the power system shown below), our infrastructure for the transport of hydrogen is as follows over time:

2025 2026 2028 2029 2032
Potential third party hydrogen pipelines

GET H2 – Kicking off the hydrogen infrastructure

The hydrogen initiative GET H2 consists of more than 50 companies, institutions and municipalities that are actively involved in the development of the hydrogen economy in Germany and Europe. Nowega is a founding member and coordinator of the initiative.


Together with partners bp, Evonik, OGE and RWE, Nowega is planning to set up one of the first industrial integrated hydrogen projects with the GET H2 Nucleus project. By 2025, a hydrogen pipeline from Nowega is planned to connect the production of green hydrogen in Lingen with industrial demand in Gelsenkirchen. The expansion of the project with the connection of a storage facility, further consumers, regional distribution networks and import routes is also already planned.


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How can I benefit from the development of the hydrogen network? Can my company be connected to the pipelines for the transport of hydrogen?

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