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Vocational training with Nowega

Good vocational training is invaluable, and this is as true for us as it is for our trainees. In our dual vocational training programmes we therefore make a point of offering significantly more than the expected standards. Right from the start, we think of our trainees as fully-fledged staff members that we trust and to whom we want to offer viable prospects for the future and a close bond to the company.

We offer vocational training in two areas:

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Office management assistants

At Nowega you will learn everything about working in a commercial environment from scratch. As a transmission network operator we maintain complex commercial relationships with a wide range of stakeholders of the energy industry, we invest into the network’s upkeep, and we also offer services. As a regulated company we are subject to clear regulations and we need to comply with strict guidelines. Vocational training in the commercial field at Nowega is therefore both interesting and challenging.

General information about the vocational training profile is available from the Federal Employment Agency.

IT specialists for system integration

Our gas transmission network is fully automated, however, without our IT specialists it could not work at all. In a technical vocational training programme in the field of IT, you are going to learn everything that is important for Nowega’s key processes, from the information-technical basics, via networking hardware and software components, through to complex systems. This profession is going to become even more important in the future, owing to the increasing degree of digitisation.

General information about the vocational training profile is also available from the Federal Employment Agency.

Are you interested in training with us?

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