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Apprenticeships at Nowega

Good training is an important foundation for the future – for yu, the trainee (m/f/d), as well as for us. That is why we aim to offer much more than just the standards when it comes to dual job training. As a trainee (m/f/d), you will be a fully-fledged member of our team from day one. We will place our full trust in you right from the start and challenge you with the aim of keeping you in the company long term.

You will also benefit from flexitime, a very good training salary, a supportive learning platform, events and so much more.

Office Management Assistant (m/f/d) in Münster

At Nowega, you will learn the administrative and commercial side of business – from scratch. As a transmission system operator, we have multi-layered business relationships with various players in the energy industry, invest in the maintenance of the grid and offer services. As a regulated company, we are subject to clear directives and must adhere to precise guidelines. This makes commercial training with us both exciting and challenging.

Industrial Mechanic (m/f/d) in Barnstorf (Lower Saxony)

Nothing would be possible here without you! As an Industrial Mechanic, you are responsible for ensuring that our infrastructure runs like clockwork each and every day. During your apprenticeship, you will learn everything about the maintenance of our network: from working on pipes and compressor stations, handling control technology, to the professional operation of machines and measuring devices. With hydrogen emerging as the future of gas transportation, the career field is now becoming even more exciting. Become a technical expert for the energy technologies of the future and benefit from a very good starting salary, special payments and many other benefits.

Dual Study Programme: Business Administration in Münster

As a dual student (m/f/d) in business administration, you will quickly build up specialist expertise in an exciting and challenging market environment. The current plans for the development of the hydrogen network also pose exciting economic challenges. In the training part of your dual study programme, you will complete an apprenticeship with us as an Office Management Assistant (m/f/d). Start your business career with us and become a financial and economic expert in the field of energy and gas transportation. Benefit from flexitime, a very good salary, events and so much more.

IT Specialist (m/f/d) for System Integration in Münster

In our transmission network, everything operates automatically – but without the IT specialists, nothing would work at all. In the IT apprenticeship, you will learn everything that is crucial for the central processes at Nowega, from the basics of information technology to the networking of hardware and software components to complex systems. A job that will become all the more important with increasing digitalization.

Electronics Technician (m/f/d) for Industrial Engineering in Barnstorf (Lower Saxony)

Installing, maintaining and repairing operating equipment as well as programming and testing systems and safety equipment. You will learn all this and more during your apprenticeship as an Electronics Technician with us. As a “behind the scenes hero”, you will ensure that the daily gas transport business runs smoothly and make it possible to operate our network safely. In your role, you will make an important contribution to the development of a functioning hydrogen network, securing future energy supplies. You will benefit from training grants, a very good starting salary, comprehensive IT equipment and many other benefits.

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