Hier gehts zur Leitungsauskunft
Nowega bietet als Arbeitgeber in Münster Karrierechancen und zahlreiche Vorteile.

Your advantages

Good staff members need the best environment and the best conditions. We are committed to offering just that at Nowega, to enable you to contribute your skills and your expertise as effectively as possible.

Family-friendly employment models

There are as many different lifestyles as there are people. Full-time, part-time, parental leave, time-out: we take the time to cooperate with you and to find a solution that matches your requirements.

Individual advancement

Education, training, and individual career planning are integral parts of your job. Together we establish the direction you would like to take, which particular skills we would like to promote, and how you can best use your strengths.

Systematic training

New duties, new environment, new colleagues. Things can be rather overwhelming at the start. To help you along, we ensure that you are systematically introduced to your duties. And of course, you will also receive a very warm welcome.


Freshly cooked meals every day. Meat, vegetarian food, salads, small snacks and big meals. Nowega’s subsidised canteen does not only keep us nourished, it is also an invigorating meeting point for all staff members.

Corporate sports

Your day-to-day work will keep your mind in motion, and our corporate sports offerings will make sure that your body can keep up. After all, we are dedicated to helping our staff members lead a healthy and balanced life.

Events, trips & parties

Those who spend all year working together, should not forget to party together too. Whether it be an individual department or the entire company, in summer or at Christmas: promoting a community spirit is extremely important to us.

Flexible working hours

Whether you are an early bird or more of a nighthawk, your working hours can be adapted to meet your needs, and you are largely free to plan your time between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. If it is ever necessary to work longer hours, such overtime is compensated by time off.

Health care

Thanks to our ergonomic workstations, staff members do not have to bear the weight of their work on their backs. Health days, eye exams, skin screening, and further offerings are proof of our commitment to our staff members’ health.

Wonderful people

This is the best part: We have lots of wonderful people working for us. We may not be a family business, but we have a true family atmosphere: open, laid-back, supportive, honest, and warm.