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Nowega betreibt als Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber auf Münster rund 1500 km Gashochdruckleitungen.

Network overview

The focus area of our network is located in Lower Saxony. We connect domestic production and landfall points for natural gas imports with the municipal utility distribution grids, with industrial customers, and natural gas storage facilities. Via distribution and mixing stations we ensure that the quality and pressure of the natural gas is always in line with requirements. Our operations are controlled from our dispatching facility in Münster that is staffed around the clock.

Conversion in Rehden – safety during the market area transition

Natural gas is available in two different qualities: high-calorific H-gas and lower-calorific L-gas. All boilers that are operated with natural gas are permanently set up for one of these two qualities. Owing to the fact that L-gas is available only in Germany and the Netherlands, and the ongoing decrease of extraction in these two countries, all L-gas facilities need to be converted for H-gas operation.

This is going to take place by 2030 in the context of the market area transition. To ensure supply with L-gas during this period, we have built a conversion plant in Rehden in 2014/2015 that converts H-gas into L-gas. This facility enables us to ensure supply in areas of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia that still depend on L-gas, especially in the winter months.


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