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Nowega aus Münster betreibt und vermarktet rund 1.500 Kilometer Gashochdruckleitungen

Nowega GmbH

Anton-Bruchausen-Straße 4
48147 Münster
+49 251 60998-0
+49 251 60998-999


Be an active contributor to the transformation of the energy market! We are interested in your expertise and commitment.


Whitepaper Hydrogen Infrastructure

Siemens, Gascade and Nowega analysed the conversion of gas transmission networks to H2 in a white paper.



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Service information

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GET H2 initiative

Establishment of a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure for Germany


Nowega – We transport gas.

Nowega is a transmission system operator and service provider from Münster. We operate and market about 1,500 kilometres of high-pressure gas pipelines – from the Dutch border, across the northern German state of Lower Saxony through, parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, and all the way to the Wendland region. We make a significant contribution to ensuring the security of supply by operating reliable gas transmission networks and equipment in a cost-effective way.

Based on our experience in everyday network operations, we offer efficient network-related services. Transport customers, traders, regional network operators, and connectees all benefit from consistently reliable planning and realisation.